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Winston's Story

Boundless Courage and Energy, Winston Charms Me into Giving Him a Home.

winston's portrait

We had 4 well established adult cats with no intention of bringing any more in the house when one of the neighbourhood boys brought little Winston into our life. Nestled against the neck of this strapping teen ager, tiny Winston didn't look a day over 6 weeks. He had been found lost under a car and "since you take care of cats could you help him?" And so Winston came in.

first snow

Friendly, self confident and determined, little Winston was a kitten with a huge personality. We were determined to put him up for adoption but it soon became evident that this kitten was a keeper. I have fostered dozens of kittens and not a single one has connected with me in this way. He went straight to the heartstrings and entangled himself and never got away.

He managed in a couple of days to make friends with all the adults, no mean feat with Lulu. The other cats showed the patience of Job with this kit and endured his games for hours on end.

In halloween costumes.

Winston is perfectly willing to cuddle for about 2 minutes at a time then goes back to work. He never stops unless he is sleeping. Games, visits with other cats, exploring, opening treat drawers, tearing into bags, he manages to get it all done.

There is nothing like the confidence and energy of a young cat and Winston is no exception. Added to this energy is a fairly wide stubborn streak. Once his mind is made up there is little to distract him. He will empty a bowl of nuts piece by piece and watch the nuts fall off the counter. He will chew into a bag just to open it. He will eat a plant leaf by leaf. His focus and determination are remarkable.

cool grass.

Winston has 2 speeds: On and Off.

He is not terribly respectful of authority. Oscar as experienced top cat is not particularly worried as he puts Winston back in his place gently and firmly, but there might come a day when Winston rules the roost.

winston on ladder

Winston AKA Kitten, has changed the life of the other cats. There is now much more playing in the house. He drums up great galloping parties and huge play battles. Even Lulu gets her share of romps.

There is nothing in the world more exciting than chasing Jenny. If he can manage to rouse her he is in for great fun. She takes off yelling and screetching murder and the chase is on. She sounds just like a younger sister being teased. I would chase Jenny if I was a cat, it is simply too hard to resist. After the chase she just comes right back and settles down again.

sleeping on his back.

After 2 years Winston has now reached his final size. He is a delightful animal with a playful sunny outlook. Playing is always on the program and he has developed an uncanny ability to open things. He is an expert with catfood bags and treat packets. He has developed a passion for shrimp.

Winston is very furry

Winston has an amazing coat. Long and thick he happily spends the day outside in the cold back yard. He has trouble understanding that the other cats want to go in after a much too short time. Last summer I cut back his coat. He was having alot of trouble dealing with the heat. I tried to clip him but he would have nothing to do with the clippers. I guess the sound was scary. I finally just used the scissors. I left his mane intact though.

He enjoys sitting in a wooden box in the back yard and doing some birdwatching. He is not a very good hunter and has not figured out how to get close to the birds but enjoys watching them as they come in the back yard to get the seeds that have fallen on the ground. They keep an eye on him but are not terribly worried.

Winston got sick this Winter and while doing tests to figure out what the problem was the vet discovered that Winston has a serious heart condition and his heart is quite enlarged. I don't expect to still have him in 5 years. He got better from whatever mysterious infection he had and is back to normal but I expect he will eventually get sick again. He is the main reason I decided to try a raw diet. I figured I would try to feed his as well as I could. Well he had other ideas and we had to abandon the raw food diet but I slip him extra servings of wet cat food. So far he is healthy and happy.

cat on fence

Fast forward a few years. Winston has moved to the country and loves going outside. He has discovered an obsession for mice. He's not a very experienced hunter but he tries. In spite of his 'bad' heart, he has not been sick a day in his life. He has not slowed down much and thinks it's my only job to open the door for him.

He still does not understand why the other cats don't like to come out in the snow.

cat in catnip patch

Early spring and Winston has found the catnip patch. Rolling around and munching he and Tilley are having a good day.

Here is my Catnip page. Why do cats like catnip?

I also have a page on Human uses of catnip It's been used for just about everything. It's been proved to be as good an insect repellant as DEET though not so long lasting.

cat in tall grass

I have a spot where I let the grass and flowers grow wild and it's a favourite spot of Winston's.

There is a colony of voles and there are often grasshoppers and sometimes snakes that are fascinating for him. He is a terrible hunter. I think he is farsighted. He can't see well when things are close. It's a blessing because he can't catch much but it means I can let him out and I don't worry that he will be hunting all day.

He's older now and still in excellent health. Last check-up the vet could not find any trace of heart disease. He has also become top cat aften Oscar died at a ripe old age. He is not slowing down yet and is always game for a game.

Surprising but true, I have never seen a flea on any of the inside cats. Touch Wood! For many cats they are a problem. I did some research on fleas and wrote an article. Fleas can stay in their cocoon for months before coming out, if there is no handy cat to feed on.

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