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Weeks 41-45 of my Watercolour Course

Winter season is brutal this year. It's nice to get out and have a painting lesson. It gives the soul a lift and gives me a feeling of progress. Winter seems less long.

This term will be overshadowed by trying to relax and let go, and painting in a free handling way.

Barry Coombs demonstration page. Barry is my teacher and a good one too. Unlike many teachers he can lead his students in their chosen styles without imposing his own.

Week 41, Fake apples and pears in a subdued palette

Still life of fake pears

FAKE FRUIT!!! Our job this week is to simplify and work loosely and simply. For this Barry has chosen a model with few greyed colours and simple forms.

I chose to work in unsaturated hues using a big brush. Not so pretty but sort of interesting. Well at least to me.

The pears seem to be pouting each other.

Week 42, Dusty Glass Bottles

Still life watercolour coloured glass bottlesStill life watercolour coloured glass bottles

'Freedom of handling' is still the theme. I don't think I was very free. BE FREE they say, but it's not so easy. We had tried these bottle last year but not 'free handling'

Blue background is last year's painting, not so free but maybe nicer?. Certainly much more work to do.

Week 43,Turquoise pots with little dangly clapper thingies.

Still life watercolour of Citrus FruitStill life watercolour of Citrus Frunt

These look like little Mexican pots painted turquoise. I used my large flat paintbrush and repeated "it's only paper, free and easy."

I covered myself with glory with the left painting. I was suitably free and relaxed. On the right not so much glory. He liked the background though.

Week 44, Here Comes the Muffin Man


I can't understand why I'm so hungry all the time.

Playing with the background colour. Muffins are hard to draw so they don't look yucky.

The different coloured background makes a huge difference.

More muffins Not  so fresh and lively, a stiller still life.

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