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Week 36-40 of my Watercolour Course

Fall is in full swing. Pumpkins, Halloween and falling leaves.

Barry Coombs demonstration page. Barry is my teacher.

Week 36, Little Tin Buckets

Still life of small buckets

We continue building on the relation of front to back and depth. This week there is lots of colour. Bright warm colours come forward, dim cool colours recede.

These small buckets are not all round and are tricky to draw convincingly. Barry has set them up deliberately so there is lots of space between them. No elegant groupings.

Not a particularly pretty painting, sorry to say. It does show depth though.

Week 37, Oil Lanterns

Still life watercolour oil lanterns

We had oil lanterns to practice on this week. We are still working to show depth and differentiate the different planes. A great subject to work with. Lots of fun to draw. At first I got carried away and put too many lanterns in my picture to finish properly. Eventually I put a green wash over the back lantern.

Week 38, Citrus Fruit

Still life watercolour of Citrus FruntStill life watercolour of Citrus Frunt

We're back to citrus fruit. It's interesting how one of my first painting of citrus fruit compare. Some improvement.

Week 39, Cabbage and Tomatoes

cabbage and tomatoes

Beautiful crinkly savoy cabbage and vine tomatoes. The challenge for me is to make the cabbage look leafy and crinkly.

I think I overworked the tomatoes, will I ever learn! I like the cabbage though.

Week 40, More Pots

Still life watercolour of pots

We're back with these wonderful oddly shaped pots. We've painted them before if you want to see them Here is a link.

This week I'm trying to do a softer version with more gradual colours. I'm moderately successful.

This is the last class of the session. I'm registering for 10 more classes in the new year, see you soon

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