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Week 31-35 of my Watercolour Course

Found my paints, paper, brushes and away I go.

Barry Coombs demonstration page. Barry is my teacher.

Week 31, Our friends the pears

Still life of pears and potsStill life of pears and ceramic potsStill life of pears and clay pots

The object is a light and dark study with muted colours. Concentrating on shading and shapes. The painting on the right is my homework. Keep the day job!

Week 32, Apples in a Basket

Still life watercolour of apples

Lovely apples. I'm up to my tush in relatives so no homework this week.

It was nice to get back to the painting. I was in a pleasant mood. A small painting only this week.

This was a very enjoyable painting to do. Sometimes I have to fight the paint but this week we were in agreement.

Week 33, Cardboard Boxes

Still life watercolour of cardboard boxesStill life watercolour of cardboard boxes

This week the subject was a higglety pigglety pile of cardboard boxes

Amazingly difficult to draw and paint. Subtle contrasts tricky perspective and no real colour to work with

My homework is in pink.

I think I improved on perspective in the homework.

Week 34, Pumpkins and Gourds

Still life watercolour of pumpkinsStill life watercolour of pumpkins

Pumpkins and gourds are fall favourites. Harder than they look.

On the right or lower if on a mobile phone, the pumpkins I painted this time last year.

I think there is a real improvement. That is encouraging!!!

Week 35, Kerosene Containers

Still life watercolour of gas tanksStill life watercolour of kerosene cans

This week was about relationship of background to foreground objects.

We were encouraged not to do gradual shading but rather 3-4 different shades. Paper white indicates areas of great light.

On the left is my class work. I chose to work in warm tones. On the right is my homework in much cooler shades.

It's always interesting that my homework is not always as good as my class work. I think the homework is the true measure of what I can do and is MY work entirely. My class work is partly my teacher's work. Homework is a true reflection of where I am and my skill level.

Week 30, Fruit


Fruit is one again on the menu. Shape and form is the focus. This is the last class of the season. I'm done till the fall.

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