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Week 26-30 of my Watercolour Course

May is boating seasons so I'm not doing so much homework.

Barry Coombs demonstration page. I am currently in his Watercolour class.

Week 26, Buns and Bagels

Still life of buns and bagels

Soft shading in nice beiges and gentle colours.

By the end of the class we were so hungry we could have eaten the easels. On my way home I dropped in the bakery and bought a baguette.

Bagels are surprisingly difficult to paint.

Week 27, Beach Toys

Still life of children's plastic toys

Lovely bright colours in children's beach toys. I tried to keep the lovely bright primary colours.

It's very easy to get muddy shades and in this case I worked very hard to try and stay bright. I tried to shade in clear colours rather than darks.

Week 28, Stuffed Toys and Teddy Bears

Bunnies and stuffed animals

Texture of the stuffed animals follows from the gradual shading. Great subject!

Week 29, Metal Buckets

metal buckets

This eek had a nice collection of tin buckets and containers. Great colours.

Week 30, Fruit


Fruit is one again on the menu. Shape and form is the focus. This is the last class of the season. I'm done till the fall.

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