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Week 21-25 of my Watercolour Course

We are back at it. It's the beginning of April and it is still cold and snowing. We have spring in our hearts though!

Barry Coombs demonstration page. I am currently in his Watercolour class.

Week 21, Paper Gift Bags

We've gone back to soft shading and I am rusty. The big flat brushes are resting and the round sables have been called back from holiday.

Still life of paper bagsorange paper bag watercolour

My wet on wet shading is a bit rusty in my in-class picture. The smaller orange bag is homework and a bit improved. The big round brushes feel odd after the flat brushes.

Still life of paper bagsorange paper bag watercolour
Still life of paper bagsorange paper bag watercolour
orange paper bag watercolour

Getting a flat plane to look interesting without looking messy is difficult I think. I did a couple of exercises. The bags on the right are almost exact copies of the demonstration Barry Did in class.

Yet another attempt on the left! I think I will try a sheet of just graded washes.

Week 22, Pears and Pots

Long demo this week on preliminary sketches. How to use them to design the painting and figure out the shading.

Still life Pears and PotsMy preliminary sketch

Above, my in class work. My sketch was a bit too large but was a fun and useful exercise.

pears watercolourpears watercolour

Some homework pages. I do like pears.

Week 23, Big Pile of Baseball Caps

Fabrics and folds and slightly tricky perspectives is offered by a pile of baseball caps. They are sitting on a garish purple cloth. I only painted a few but there were dozens to choose from. Few had any colour though.

watercolour of baseball cap
watercolour of baseball cap

Baseball caps are not as easy to draw as you would imagine. Some hard structure, some floppy bits, and partly squished.

Week 24, Clay Pots

clay potsClay pots. This week is the relationship of forms to the background.

I was trying to solidly model the forms with no fancy embellishments. I think they stand out solidly and with good presence.

Week 25, Watermelon

watermelonWonderful fruit, watermelon, lime, oranges are on the menu this week.

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