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Weeks 46-50 of my Watercolour Course

Winter continues to be really severe. Lots of cold, lots of snow. It's nice to get out and have a painting lesson, lessens the cabin fever.

Barry Coombs demonstration page. Barry is my teacher and a good one too. Unlike many teachers he can lead his students in their chosen styles without imposing his own. His critiques are gentle and useful

Week 46, Hats

Still life of hats

We were faced by a pile of hats this morning.

I chose to work in warm colours this week. The hats were beige and greys but I warmed them up and softened them.

I'm desperate for warm weather, I guess.

Week 47, Flowers for the First Time In Class!

Still life watercolour flowers

Simplification and easy going strokes is still the goal.

We are to avoid detail and work with colour and mass. Try to make the flowers glow.

On the left, painting 1 and painting 2 on the right. We are not used to painting flowers and I found them surprisingly difficult.

Since my painting was neither better nor worse than the rest of the class I think others felt the same. I will paint more flowers this summer, if summer ever comes.

Week 48,I Missed the Brass pots but we sold our house.

Have a look at Barry Coombs demonstration page. to see what the rest of the class has done.

Week 49, Boots and Wellies


On the left Morning class. On the right evening make-up class.

We are using large flat brushes. This is to allow us to simplify and try to avoid fussing the details.

In the evening at right I tried a different composition and lined up the boots and put in more setting. Not as attractive as the morning class. I think the scale is wrong. I should have gone in closer. Below I show another cropping of the painting, just to see.

More bootsMy boots were too small for the 3/4 inch brush and I used the half inch flat brush. Not as nice really.

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