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2012 Toronto Zombie Walk

The Toronto Zombie Walk is great fun. We dress up in Zombie themed costumes and shuffle around the route moaning. The Zombie walk is a great Photo Op too. It used to be in the Christie Pits park but now has grown and is held at the Toronto City Hall Nathan Phillip Square. Besides the zombies, there are many Japanese tourists!! It makes for a strange contrast. Well stranger than it would be.

Nick and I in our Zombie Chef Costumes. Zombie Grinder was stunning. It was timely because there had just been a tainted hamburger scandal.

Toronto Zombie walk, woman with bloody face
Corpse bride and groom zombie traditional chinese
zombie bride

wood bench
Day of the Dead Characters

The zombie Mackenzie brothers hammed it up while the night of the dead ladies seemed almost too pretty. Quite a large number of people had elements of night of the dead meets night of the zombies blends.

It's interesting that even with no visible zombification, the steampunk costumed couple seemed to fit right in the zombie march.

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