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Street Art in my Toronto Neighbourhood

I took a walk in my 'hood and took photos. I've always thought of my area as quite ugly, one of the less imposing Toronto Neighbourhood. When I got home and looked at the photos I realized that between the train tracks and ugly buildings there is something fun and worth looking at. Others love this odd little pocket too!

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Mural on Lansdowne Ave TTC vacant Yard.

This mural reflects the industrical roots of the area. It makes a vacant lot owned by the Transit Corporation exciting. The land, empty for years is slowly cleaning itself of pollution and nasty stuff. It's testing almost clean now. Street art at its best!

Junction pedestrian bridge Rail line bridge view of mural

Two Pedestrian and Bike Bridges

Pleasant symmetry of Dundas St pedestrian and bike bridge over the rail corridor. Bright mural on Dupont St seen from the Rail Line bike and pedestrian path. The mural is on a fish store. This area of Toronto is called THE JUNCTION because here several train tracks come together.

Art cutouts on toronto school mural art in toronto, diving image street art in toronto, mural on school

Happy Cutout murals on the Walls of Bishop Marocco School

Action cut outs dance, dive, swim and make music all along the walls of the school and cheer up a boring square brick building.

Junction building wood bench

A bit of Whimsy

A junction building gets a silly paint job. An oversized Wood bench.

Street art on overpass street art on overpass just west of Lansdowne on Bloor plant motif street art in toronto

Street art, floral graphics on overpass on Bloor St.

Business man on Lotus blossom enlightenment Mural on Dupont St just west of Lansdowne Av

The mural above was painted over by the City of Toronto in one of their clean up campaign, at great cost. Later it came out that they had commissioned and paid for the now covered mural. So, they re-commissioned the artist to re-do his mural.

Junction Mural art in toronto streets sprayed name on street

One official mural on Dupont, two un-official street paintings

Large painted mural on overpass wall. street art in toronto, large mural on Lansdowne just by Piri Piri

Overpasses are great canvases for Street Art

Great overpass mural on Dupont west of Lansdowne. It's just across the way from my local watering spot.

Cut iron sculpture cut out iron with polygon
toronto street art, mural on Lansdowne milkweed on railroad tracks

There are several iron cut out panels on rail trail. Scattered here and there big polygons, some quite nicely stencilled. Wonderful cat mural on the side of a building at the South end of Lansdowne and a lovely milkweed on a railroad track verge.

dashound on overpass in toronto

Long doggie on underpass at Davenport and Caledonia.

toronto overpass Mural toronto streets painting bird mural

Green Lady on Lansdowne N of Dupont, Bird mural west of Lansdowne on Davenport.

One thing that is so appealing is how ephemeral many of these things are, being at the mercy of the next graffiti artist.

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