Art on the Toronto CNE Grounds

Walking back from the Boat Show I took photographs of some of the CNE carved stone sculptures.

art east side of main building on CNE Grounds CNE Stone Sculpture art in toronto, sculpture on CNE CNE carved stone sculpture art on CNE art in toronto, sculpture Bronze on CNE

On the east side of the Main CNE building,(It's currently called the Ricoh Coliseum but names change depending on who is paying!) these 6 stone sculptures quietly watch on. The Canadian National Exhibition Grounds hide some really nice things, sort of hidden here and there.

CNE bronze fish Bronze sculpture

Bronze fish jump at the front and back door

one of 5 animal medallion sculpture animal head sculpture old animal head sculpture animal  medallion

A row of animal heads on medallions are embedded in a wall flanking the west Entrance of the main Building. The CNE started out as mainly agricultural ages ago. It still hosts the Royal Winter Fair famous for its horse shows, and prize cattle.

Carved Stone Sculpture Stone marker Bronze marker for sculpture

I stumbled on a Garden of the Greek Gods. Some of it was closed but many were in the open. The Stone Marker says: The sculptures for the garden of the Greek gods are by E.B.Cox, August 16, 1979. Each sculpture has a little Bronze plaque. This is Hercules.

Greek God Greek God minotaur Greek God

Many headed hydra carved stone sculpture hides besides construction supports. A strangely peaceful Minotaur rests in the grass while an un-labeled reclining figure is at peace hidden in the shrubs. E.B.Cox sculptures.

Here is a link to a book about E.B. Cox: E.B. Cox: A Life in Sculpture

Greek God Greek God minotaur Greek God

Harpies were bird bodied women. They represented Conscience and tore at the hearts of evil-doers. The Cyclops sits quietly while a charming smiling Medusa looks on.

Pan 2 figures

Pan with his hoof casually crossed, plays pipes. 2 figures almost hidden by the trees. The title is Youth and Environment also by E.B.Cox.

I was walking home after seeing the boat show. The sculptures made a peaceful contrast with the bustle of the show halls.

The Sculptures have a distinctive blocky style, here is some Info on E.B.Cox and a link to Wikipedia page on E.B.Fox. Some of the Greek Mythology Sculptures were hidden by a nightclub and there was quite a fuss. I'm not sure what the situation is now.

Here is a Youtube video about E.B.Cox: A life in Sculpture

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