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Plans for Stitch and Glue Boats and SUP

Many Boat Designers who offer plans have produced or adapted their designs for Stitch and Glue Boatbuilding. Stitch and glue is a good choice for wooden boat plans for beginners in particular.

Here is my page on stitch and glue boatbuilding

Very complex and large boats can be built using this method. It is also a great way of getting started with your first boat.

I built both my Skerry and my Apple Pie Tender pram using the stitch and glue method of boatbuilding. The plans for the Apple pie were free.
Follow my day to day diary building Gavin Atkin's Apple Pie dinghy.

I've added a page of plan and kits links for Stand Up Paddleboards and surfboards including paddles. There are several which are stitch and glue models.

Stitch and Glue Boat Plans in no Particular Order.

Email me if a link is broken. I try to update everything often but the internet is a fast paced place. (and I'm slow)

I've separated the plans in various categories but many designers have multiple types of boats.

Many designers offer several types of boats.

Duckworks has plans from many of the current stars of the boat design world! Many of the plans are stitch and glue geared at beginners. A great resource with lots of articles and supplies including boat hardware. A goldmine of Boat Plans
Devlin Kits and plans for many different types of boats including sailboats, row boats, power boats Tenders.
Glen-L has many different boats including dinghies, power boats, Kayaks, Kid's boats, paddle wheeler, glass bottom boat, and more.
Port Townsend Watercraft has stitch and glue designs for rowing skiffs, power boats. They specialize in Kits
Ross Lillistone offers boat plans some are stitch and glue
Auswahl, Assortment of simple boats Site is in German but Mr. Google can translate.
Stanley SmallCraft has plans and kits for Stitch and Glue Canoes, Dinghies as well as Kits. Located in the UK

Kayaks and Canoe Plans

Glen L has many kayak stitch and glue designs including this one which is electrically powered!
Jem Watercraft have Canoe, Kayak and other plans
Pigmy Boats have many plywood stitch and glue Kits and Plans
Shearwater Boats has Plans, Kits and custom Boats. They also have finished paddles.
One Ocean Kayaks offers plans for several stitch and glue kayaks.


Many designers have a tender design. Many tender sailboats double up as a kids sailing dinghy.

Back Bay from Spira International Ultralight Stitch and Glue
Devlin Boat's Many designs from well know designer Devlin
Sabotina is one of the Glen-L tender sailboat/row boats on offer.
Chesapeake Light Craft Eastport Pram Lovely responsive tender.

Row Boats, Drift Boats, Dories, Skiffs.

Jemcraft has this rowing canoe that looks very interesting.
Montana Riverboats offers stitch and glue plans for Drifboats
Bateau has lots of Stitch and Glue plans including some free designs. A plus is their boatbuilding forum
Spira International has Stitch and Glue Dory designs, Drift Boats, Skiffs, Powered Dories, and ultralight Dories. They have free boat plans for, a kayak and a dory.
Michael Storer has boat plans for his Eureka canoe plus several other well known and liked plasn such as the Goat Island Skiff sailing boat.


Here are a few designers who offer stitch and glue sailboat designs. There are many.

Francois Vivier is a respected Nval Architect and he offers plans and kits for sailboats and others designs, well worth having a look.
Chesapeake Light Craft have the Skerry, Passagemaker and more stitch and glue sailboats.
Dudley Dix Yacht Design has large and small sailboats and yacht stitch and glue as well as other styles of plans
B&B Yacht Design has stitch and glue designs for tenders, rowboats and sailboats.
John Welsford Small Craft Design. Lots of capable boats. Great reputation for open safe boats.I'm building his Scamp.

SUP and Surf Boards, Stitch and Glue construction

Here are a few designers who offer stitch and glue SUP and Surf Boards.

Chesapeake Light Craft has a collection of stand up paddle boards.
Fiberglass Supply offers a 14 ft S and G kit.
Fyne has plans and kits for several sizes of SUP
Michael Storer has plans to his Taal SUP, from Duckworks.
Tangoskiff has plans for a simple Stitch and Glue SUP
Wood Surf board Plans offers stitch and glue plans
Pygmy Boat has a very complete kit for a lovely SUP.
Gemcraft Stand up Paddle board plans
Boatnbox has nice kits. Portuguese site but with Mr.Google's translation.

Books with stitch and glue OR very simple boatbuilding techniques.

These are books by boat designers who include plans and instructions for a few of their designs. Most offer some stitch and glue designs. Links are to

I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen. Also keep in mind while I'm in a preachy mood, that a good set of plans will save you lots of time and if you've paid for them you can actually often contact the designer and get help.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine

Small Print

This information is for general knowledge. If you plan to build a boat, do your homework. Check out Yahoo boat groups, find people who have built similar boats, make sure you understand the plans before you start your boatbuilding project. I have not built these plans so I don't endorse them. I try to avoid linking to dodgy pages but things change quickly in the cyberworld. Do your homework, then enjoy yourself.