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Making Mast step, partner and Daggerboard well.

making skerry hull

Gluing up the pieces.

I laminated the various parts out of thinner plywood. This seems to produce stronger components. The cut up pipe provide just the right amount of clamping force without starving the joint of glue.

making skerry mast partner

Pieces have been laminated and cleaned up. Since my Skerry mast is round the holes are round! I cut the holes oversize because I'm hoping to use the play to adjust the angle of the mast if I need to.

NOTE: After using the boat for a couple of years I found that the hole was really too large and I added a piece on top that was closer to the actual size of the mast. The little wedges I used tended to work loose and were annoying

I also intend to line the mast step hole and partner with leather or plastic so it doesn't scratch the mast.

I've put a coat of epoxy on the daggerboard well before doing the assembly.

Skerry mast step

I assembled the mast step, sanded and put on a coat of resin. I like the look of the screws so I might not fill in the holes and allow them to show.

The step will get glued and screwed in after I have sanded everything to perfection (!) and fileted the edges of the bulkheads.

Skerry mast partner

Mast partner is glued, clamped and filleted in place.

While the paint on the outside of the hull is drying, I am working on the inside. First sand and fill any fillet that was not perfect (That's a relative sort of perfect). Then install the mast partner. It will help support the mast. I have also coated the underside of the seats with another coat of resin. I'm getting close to the point where good enough point is reached. I'm more interested in sailing than sanding.

Mast step has been installed. Screws through the bottom of the hull, glue and fillets. It's solid! The work is done from the underside of the boat. I didn't have a helper so I glued the step in place then screwed it in the next day. A dab of resin mix on the screw hole and my little Skerry hull is ready for finishing.

I made sure to coat the inside of the daggerboard with 2 coats of epoxy resin. I will try and sand any rough spot so the daggerboard paint is not damaged too much as it slides in and out. Here the well is just sitting in the boat for size.

The tabs on the end of the daggerboard case fit inside the oval hole and give more glueing surface. Fillets will help glue it in place.

Skerry daggerboard well Skerry daggerboard well

I sanded and gave the well a coat of resin. it's now ready to be installed.

making skerry daggerboard box

The daggerboard case is screwed from under and from the seat support. It also got epoxy putty fillets and glue. It is very solid! The seat is glued on top and the seams are filleted.

Daggerboard well is installed. Seat is fitted and installed, weights are in place.

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