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Sail, Sailing and Rigging Terminology QUIZ

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Section 1, Easy Questions

1. What is the CENTRE OF EFFORT (CE)?

  • The spot close to the centerpoint of the boom where the mainsheet attaches.
  • The point on the sail where the force of the wind appears to act.
  • The mid-point of a topping lift.
  • The centre of gravity of a keel or centreboard.

2. What is WEATHER HELM?

  • A special damper added to the helm in rough weather
  • A self steering wind vane arrangement used in long trips
  • The tendency of a sailboat to want to point into the wind.
  • A watch period in which the weather is deteriorating.

3. Where would you find a CLEW?

  • The corner of the sail which is at the lower corner downwind from the mast.
  • The lower corner nearest to the mast.
  • A strong clip like device that secures the outhaul.
  • In a Sherlock Holmes novel.

4. What is a YARD?

  • Small headsail sometimes set in front of a jib.
  • A large batten found at the centre of a sail.
  • Short lengths of line specifically kept to secure chafing gear.
  • A spar on a mast from which a sail is set.

5. What is a mast's RAKE?

  • A implement in old sailing ships that held belaying pins around the base of a mast.
  • An implement spanning from the mast to midship, on fishing vessels, that helped keep baited hooks from tangling.
  • The front to back angle of a mast.
  • A small brass divider which kept lines from tangling.

6. What is the purpose of a TRAVELLER?

  • To allow the angle of the sail to be adjusted without having to change the sheet tension or changing the sail shape.
  • Measuring the speed of wooden ships. It was part of a floating instrument deployed behind the ships.
  • Large line used to modify the angle of a bowsprit. It was connected to the capstan.
  • Cart with small wheels which helped aim cannons and reduced the force of recoil.

7. What is a TOPPING LIFT

  • A line running from the mast used to support the top of a furler on a jib or genoa.
  • Line running from the yard to the mast used to tighten the top of the main sail. There is usually a small block to improve mechanical advantage.
  • A line running from the end of the boom to some higher point on the mast used to support the boom.
  • A line located on the top of an anchor to help release it when it gets caught on the bottom.

8. What is the CAMBER of a sail?

  • Angle of attack
  • Fabric used to reinforce its corners
  • The Bulge of a sail
  • A protective sail cover made from heavy fabric

9. What does DRAFT of a sail refer to?

  • Another word for Camber
  • The amount of rounding cut in the side of the sail to give it shape.
  • Sail Plan
  • The angle of the jib or genoa made with the deck of a sailboat.

10. What is a "CHUTE"?

  • A small sail used in high winds instead of the normal jib.
  • A staysail
  • A small protected vent opened to bring air into a cabin during bad weather.
  • An informal name for a spinnaker

Keep Going, Complex and Esoteric Questions, the Expert Section.

11. What would you do with a GOLLYWOBBLER?

  • Get the Bug Spray ... Fast.
  • Hoist it up between 2 masts
  • Push it into a leaking through-deck opening quickly before the boat filled with water.
  • Give it a glass or rum and hope it does not make trouble

12. What would you do with a CRINGLE?

  • Crimp it carefully on two pieces of line to fasten them together.
  • Make a hole in canvas with it
  • Use it to attach the tiller to rudder
  • Put it on the corner of a sail.

13. Where would you expect to find an EUPHROE?

  • On a junk Rig
  • On a pram style scandinavian dinghy
  • On a Bowsprit holding up a staysail
  • On a sculling oar

14. Why would you install LAZYJACKS?

  • To help in the wind vane tiller assembly
  • To gather up a mainsail as it is lowered
  • To help lower a small dinghy in the water.
  • To maintain tension at the throat of a sail.

15. Of what use is a SNOTTER?

  • Keeps the nose of a ship in the wind at anchor
  • Gathers up and acts as protective gear for the main sheet block when the boat is not sailing.
  • Cloth used to wipe salt stain from the compass
  • Tightens the sprit of a spritsail.

16. What is a BAGGYWRINKLE?

  • A traditional canvas bag used to hold instruments used during a watch.
  • A decorative knotted mat placed under blocks on decks and sometimes used on steps.
  • A stretched out and poorly shaped sail.
  • Fluffy chafe gear

17. What is LIFT caused by?

  • Poor balance between the Center of Effort CE and the Center of Lateral Resistance CLR
  • Difference of air (or water) pressures as air rushes over a foil.
  • Uncomfortable banging of a light boat going over a steep wave
  • The pendulum like movement of some boats when going through downwind waves.

18. What use is a JACKLINE?

  • A line set up on which a safety harness is clipped.
  • Light weighted line used in docking.
  • Line used to lift heavy loads
  • Line set up on a bowsprit to control headsails

19. If you are SHUNTING a proa what are you doing?

  • Setting a crab claw sail and making ready.
  • Avoiding Reefs by lifting the ama
  • Doing a normal jibe
  • You are moving the rigging in a double ended boat in order to sail in the opposite direction.

20. What are you doing if you are SCANDALIZING a spritsail?

  • You are letting go of the main sheet to stop a death roll.
  • You are sailing with a loose sprit creating large wrinkles horizontally across the sail
  • You releasing the snotter to quickly drop the sprit and reduce sail.
  • You are raising the boom against the mast to reduce sail.

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