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Plans for Rowing Boats

Link to my page about rowboats The writing is a bit disjointed, I just wrote up the notes I was taking when I was trying to figure out what makes a good rowboat. I'll eventually get to it and clean up the prose.

There are many boatbuilding methods suitable for rowboats.

Here is my page on stitch and glue boatbuilding and here is my Strip Building page

I built both my Skerry and my Apple Pie Tender pram with the intention of rowing them. They have not disappointed me. I am not including tenders in this list of plans, only boats that are intended for rowing, or which can be rowed and sailed. I don't think a row boat makes a good motor boat so I'm not really including them here either unless they look like they would row well.

Some designers, such as Chesapeake Light Craft, offer kits and plans. I have found that building from plans is very satisfying but does not really save any money if you include your time getting materials together. Kits are good ways of getting on the water faster. Don't think that kits are instant builds though. There is lots of work involved.

Rowing boat plans in no particular order.

Email me if a link is broken. I try to update everything often but the internet is a fast paced place. (and I'm slow)

More plans

If you are interested in building a rowboat there are several types of boats that have traditionally been rowed. Scandinavian faerings (the name refers to four rowing spots) is a good place to look. Iain Oughtred's Elf is a good example. Dories and Peapods have been the mainstay of traditional fishing and have proved themselves. Whitehalls and wherries have long been sportsmen's choice for elegant rowing. Rowing shells are the fastest and most specialized. They require skill and quiet water.

Small Print

I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen. Also keep in mind while I'm in a preachy mood, that a good set of plans will save you lots of time and if you've paid for them you can actually often contact the designer and get help.

This information is for general knowledge. If you plan to build a boat, do your homework. Check out Yahoo boat groups, find people who have built similar boats, make sure you understand the plans before you start your boatbuilding project. Then enjoy yourself.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine