I like to go to the boat club during the off season. It's a different world right in the city. I went to take some pictures and when I looked in a garbage bin I found 2 very worried raccoons. The dumpster was almost empty and I guess they had climbed in to check out the food situation and found they could not climb out.

I had some granola bars in my pocket so I gave them a bite and went to find a piece of wood to give them a way out. Lucky for them there was some melted snow in an old pan so at least they had had some water.

There was lots of driftwood so it was a simple matter of putting a large log in the bin and letting them climb out.

flat worried raccoon

Two worried raccoons stuck in a dumpster and trying to look very flat. They were trying very hard to flatten themselves very small and looked quite humble.

Humility is not the usual attitude of a raccoon. Few animals are more self confident and sure of their rights.

raccoon raccoon

They had a snack and quickly climbed out.

Spring raccoons are quite thin compared to their pudgy fall figure.

raccoon running

I have never seen raccoons run so fast. They headed for up-turned boats and quickly dissappeared. They knew where they were.

The raccoons find the boat club a good place to live and in the spring it is not unusual for someone to find a family living in their boat. The raccoons make a mess of sails and bedding so it's worthwhile closing up your boat carefully to keep the raccoons out.

I always check the dumpster for this reason

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