The Toronto Cat Rescue came through and placed the kits in the Brampton Pet Smart where they got great exposure before Christmas and found homes.

HELP! I have 3 Rescued kittens that need a Home.

Just like a Hollywood Story, Sad at First with a Happy Ending.

2 weeks ago a shy man came to my door and asked for help with kittens in his back yard. I volunteer with the Annex Cat Rescue and my neighbours know this.
When I went I found 3 kittens in a cardboard box in his kitchen. Someone had thrown them in his back yard the day before. I brought them home. They were a bit worse for wear and weak after spending a day and a night outside in November without food but a good meal and a good sleep in a warm place soon had them back to normal.

abandoned kittensabandoned kittens

After a good meal they are ready for a nice warm nap. 2 Weeks Later they are in fine shape.

I have a recipe for cat formula, called glop. Kittens have to be fed every 3 hours day and night. Not difficult but requires quite a commitment. Tiny kittens cannot eliminate without having their lower belly stroked. I use a warm damp cloth to stroke them and clean up the waste. I have a link on the side (or bottom in a mobile) on raising orphaned kittens.

abandoned kittens abandoned kittens abandoned kittens

These kittens have a nice disposition. They have not been abused and are not afraid of people. They are surprisingly gentle. Little black is more reserved but not afraid. Other 2 are purr bunnies.

abandoned kittens abandoned kittens abandoned kittens abandoned kittens abandoned kittens abandoned kittens

Sleeping on the back of the couch after a breakneck chase and tumble in my plants.

The 3 kittens have just discovered the plants I have in the back room. It's no wonder they are tired.

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