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Gorgeous and Difficult Lulu rules Upstairs!

Lulu watches

Lulu came into our lives as a pathetic, hungry, cold, unhappy animal. Once again all I had to do was open my front door and find this poor little pathetic animal huddled under an old vegetable stand, in the middle of winter.

Sitting in the sun

After bringing her in, we fed her, let her warm up and just let her settle.

Lulu was utterly exhausted and did nothing for a week. She had frostbit paws and her tongue was hurt. The vet later figured that she might have tried to drink some antifreeze or something nasty. After a week of rest she was a changed cat. Active and curious she had bonded with Nick. I have not seen many one person cats but Lulu attached herself to Nick and has been unfailing in her adoration and devotion to him. I am liked and tolerated but a poor substitute to her guy!

cool spot in the heat of Summer

The frostbitten paws and damaged tongue healed after a few days and she started to mellow a bit and to trust us.

One evening Nick called me up to see what was wrong with Lulu. We had had her for only about a week and overnight she changed from a retiring somewhat timid animal, to a near rabid wild creature. Nick who had little experience with cats was afraid she would attack during the night. Her behaviour suggested this was not so terribly far fetched. We wondered if in fact she might be feral and not a stray as we thought and was just feeling well enough to show it. She was aggressive, snarly, and very scary. Within a short while we figured out the problem. Our Lulu was in heat! God help any tomcat brave enough to have gotten close to this girl cat!

Our vet was sympathetic and quickly slotted her in for the works!

Getting caught, put in a cat carrier, and dragged to the vet is probably not the highlight of her life but she came home having been neutered, vaccinated, wormed, defleed and generally checked out.

She recovered quickly and gradually settled in.

Of all our cats she is the only one that shows signs of abuse. She remains to this day afraid of a hand over her head. She is aggressive and will quickly decide if she likes or hates someone. She will then allow herself to be touched by "friends" or will stalk and attack "enemies" There is no middle ground.

Lulu is playful and by far the brightest cat I have ever known. I can take her and teach her a trick in an evening.

knocking over flowers

Lulu is queen of her space and remains devoted to Nick. Since Winston has joined us she has taken to coming and visiting me. She is quite bratty and will methodically empty a flowerpot. I have seen her systematically go from bean plant to bean plant in the garden and carefully cut each stem with her teeth. We call them Lulu's beans and I have grown them every year to give her the pleasure of cutting and eating the seedlings. Of all the cats she is the one that most likes catnip.

Lulu is a methodical explorer and will find the most ingenious hiding spots. It is not usual to see her in a cupboard or behind books in the bookshelves. She once very deliberately pushed a figurine off a shelf to see it fall.

Lulu is not particularly friendly to the other cats except Winston, and had started avoiding the lower level where most of the cats prefer to stay. She was frightened when they came to her floor to sample her food and check things out. Read about how we re integrated her back to the group and bolstered her confidence.

Lulu practiced pulling down the flowers till she eventually could do it in about 10 seconds. Here is one of her earlier attempts.

Lulu is one of the most willful animal I have ever known. Once an idea has sprouted in her mind it simply cannot be removed. Some might even call her pig-headed, but not to her face!

outsideIn the spring we moved from town to a country home and the cats have loved getting outside privileges. Here Lulu, at least 14 and probably more, is surveying her domain. After an amazing summer full of chasing mice and exploring she settled in for the fall. She has been loosing weight and vets had not found anything particularly wrong for an old girl. We found her dead one morning and buried her under a tree.

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