Launch Day

I barely slept I was so excited! I enlisted the help of a friend and got the boat out of the living room and onto the car. Since it is not really heavy, only about 100 pounds, we lifted it and carried it sideway through the door with lots of space to spare.

photo of skerry

Cricket can smell water!

The ride was excruciating for me I was so worried about damaging the boat. It went very well. We had added some 2x4 onto the roof rack to make it wide enough and had tied the boat securely.


Its hard to put in words how satisfying it is to actually launch a boat I have made.

making skerry trailer

Trailer is ready for Cricket!

I had made a launching dolly from box carrying dolly wheels and an old fence we had taken down from the front of the house. It was not really all that good and I eventually bought a real trailer that was stronger and did not float so high.

I recycled the wheels and parts to make another launch dolly that I use with my Tanzer 22 tender.

Quietly waiting

Here she is waiting patiently at the dock. It's really hard to understand how it feels to put your very own boat in the water for the first time unless you have done it.


Cricket getting her first look at the harbour from the water. The water is very still and looks like mercury. Not a breath of wind today.

George rowing

George gets a turn. She rows beautifully and track well. She is very light and easy to move. I have since had her out in quite a lot of wind and because she is so light the wind tends to want to push her around. But... who wants to row when there is wind


My Skerry goes to bed. I made a cover for her. Still needs some adjustments.

The cover turned out not to be waterproof enough. I tried putting on a finish but that did not work very well either. I need more of a tent otherwise the water puddles on the top and gets in. I had a white poly tarp and I cut it down, added rivets and use it on top of the canvas one. It mostly work. If I'm careful when I put Cricket to bed then the tarps work fine. If the water puddles on top because its not neatly wrapped then some water comes in.

Later I made another cover for her and it was much more successful. Read about a sumbrella cover here.


I've had my Skerry out sailing and she is great. It's a lot of fun. Photos here

Read about construction

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