Web Access

Dead easy! Korea is wired!

There are a number of service providers. I use Korea Telecom, they also provide me with telephone access. There are others and you can look for advertisements when you get there.

First, you need a phone line. This is easy, but will set you back about 200,000 wons refundable deposit. It takes a couple of days and its just a matter of flipping a switch. You have to go to the office, give your name and address, pay the deposit and choose your number. We managed to do all this with not a word of English or Korean.

Have your address written out, as well as your employer's, and your passport or alien registration card.

You will need a phone as well, if your apartment does'nt have one. Phones are really common and many shops will have them in their windows. They cost from 20,000 to about 40,000 wons.(There are fancy ones that cost lots but thats your choice)

They sent a technician to my flat to check the connection but otherwise it was dead easy.

Once you have a phone number go to the service provider,(in my case I just had to go upstairs from the telephone office) it was in the Korea Telecom building. We managed to get a web connection with no Korean on my part other than hello and thank you, and his almost non existant English.

What followed deserves a medal from the Canadian National Theatre School for mime. The techie managed to explain to me how to set up my computer, completely with mime and little pictures. It worked the first time too. It would have been easier to get the connection before I bought the computer and to let the computer shop set up the machine for me, but I did things ass backwards.

The connection costs 15,000 wons per month and the telephone 500 wons per hour of connection plus a small monthly base amount (I think about 12,000 wons). It all gets paid at a bank. You just bring the bills in and pay them there.

I got a computer made from local bits with lots of bells and whistles but a basic computer can be had for about 1,000,000 wons. If you bring your own make sure of the import regulations allow you to bring it for nothing and buy a modem here.

Have a good idea of what you want before you walk in the computer shop. Its hard to explain in mime. Also make sure the software is English. Its hard to use Windows in Korean. I brought some of my software with me and loaded it myself.

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