I teach in a private institute, New Start Language Institute.

Our students are partly young kids whose parents are hoping will learn English, and partly more mature students who are trying to improve their language skills often to get a better job.

The level of English is surprising high. Most students can read and write, and have a good grammar base. My main concern is with spoken language.

We are located on the top floor of Nambu Sijan, a local market building. It's a great location but the building is quite old.

On the same floor, there are several martial arts gyms which teach Apkido, and Taekwondo, and of course The "Pigue House".

The building is always buzzing with activity.

I've heard all kinds of horror stories about Hagwons (private language academies) but so far my experience has been good. My director Mr Lee has been fair and resonable. He lived for several years in California and has a good idea of what to expect from his foreign teachers. He has been very supportive and has helped me alot particularly at the beginning when I first encountered the young students. Koreans are not at all disciplined when they are young and are very turbulent. Older students are much easier to work with.

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