Walking Festival

Wonju City, which is about 1 1/2 hours by bus from Seoul, has been host for the last 4 years to an international walking festival.

The event is held in the middle of October when Korea is at it's best, weather wise. The colours are changing, and the weather is georgous, and comfortable.

I walked for 20 Km. but there were shorter and longer walks. It starts from Chiak Stadium and takes you around the countryside, along little country roads. There was some walking on big roads but mostly it was really nice and peaceful.

Some of the longer walks took the people along some nice temples and other historic sites.

Lots of fun!

There were participants from many country,including The US, Japan, Belgium, France, Canada of course (moi!), Germany and the Neatherlands. There were lots of school kids and interested adults and you've got a sizable crowd.

There were lots of school kids
Before we took off, we were treated to a show, which included, various military demonstrations, drumming and dance, excercise/dance and a special hand combat group which among other things, broke bricks with their heads.

The whole thing was festive and fun.

Some of the really addicted folks who participate to these walks internationally were heading to Japan for a walk there the following week.

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