Feral cat shelter I put up in my front yard to provide a safer place to sleep for cats in need. When I moved into this house there was a large feral cat population. They lived in old vegetable stands and boxes in front of what used to be a corner store.

When the old stands were discarded I replaced them with a more comfortable multi unit kitty condo cat shelter. I also instituted a trap, neuter and release program to curb the population growth.

Currently there are 6 units in the main building. 4 have a division inside to block the wind and an inner chamber insulated with pink foam. I've put old sweaters and the like to make a better bed. 2 of the units are not insulated and don't have any inside room, just blankets and a cushion. I hoped it would be less intimidating for the really wild cats if they knew they could quickly get out. There is now also a separate luxury penthouse unit on top. There is a roof over the front of the house so rain is not a problem.

Here I am in the process of adding the inner partition and insulating the sleeping chamber. I made a mistake and had to turn the door around so that the cat enters in the small chamber then goes on into the larger insulated "bedroom". One of my units has a very low power heated pad. I had it so I just set it up. It doesn't keep the room warm just adds a tiny amount of heat. No one seems to like it any better than the other rooms.

All the cats I've rescued from outside have had trouble with frostbitten toes so I'm hoping this will prevent this. So far so good!

detail of cat shelter

Kitty Condo is hinged at top so I can clean it. I've clamped it open so I could work on the inside.

kitty condo

6 plex kitty condo for rent.

Cats were quite suspicious at first and did not want to go in at all. It stood empty for the summer and fall. Eventually with the winter getting colder they were more willing but still got out as fast as they could if they heard any noise. Only one cat in each unit even though 2 could fit comfortably. I seem to have more males than females so maybe they don't cuddle as much as I've seen the female do. Even brothers are not sharing a room. They have settled in now and feel quite safe.

Come summer I'll paint it a better colour and finish adding the little peaked roofs or shutters or whatever looks fun.

kitty condo

I added a penthouse unit to the top of the condo. It is insulated and has proved the most popular spot of all. There is always a cat in residence and rarely 2! I added a low wattage heating pad. It is very popular.

By the time the cold weather had come the kitty condo was fully occupied every night.


2 little faces looking out. Abbey and her brother. Usually they are not very cuddly but if Abbey wants to go in and there is already someone in the box she will barge in and settle herself. The other cat then has to decide to give way or make the beast of it and stay.

Quite tight for 2 grown cats but nice and cozy. They also love to sit on top and look inside the house or at the street. I think they like being higher up.

feral cat shelter

I designed this cat shelter for Spot and it is quite weather proof. As long as it is slightly elevated so that the bottom doesn't rot it is quite dry. The porch with its overhang keep the rain and snow from being driven inside the nest box. I have added a small curtain to keep out the wind. The inside is insulated in foam and has an old carpet on the floor. The roof is screwed on but can be removed for cleaning.

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