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Jigs, Storage Solutions, Tools, Better Mousetrap, rust cleaning, and other Contraptions

Some of my pages end up a orphans with no easy way to categorize them. I've put together this navigation page to shine a spotlight on some of the oddballs I've made.

Adjustable Jig to hold a bulkhead at an angle

This is a jig I built to hold the bulkheads of the SCAMP at an angle while I checked the fit and then fastened them down.

Using Molasses as a Safe Rust Remover
cleaned clamps using molasses

Molasses is a very effective and safe rust remover. I checked it out and give it a thumbs up.

Simple Adjustable Watercolour Table Easel Folds Down flat.
table easel

Simple DIY" watercolour table easel I built for myself. After several years, I'm still using it.

My Keelboat Winter Cover from plastic conduit and a polytarp.
keelboat winter cover

I used it for several seasons and it worked well. It also made it much more comfortable to work on the interior.

Cut Large sheets of sandpaper for my Dremel/Fein
marked sandpaper

I cut some large sheet of sandpaper for my Dremel sander and saved a bundle.

Made a clamp rack
clamp rack

What a difference having a proper place for the clamps.

Scratch Gauge
scratch gauge

Made a scratch gauge from a walnut piece from the woodpile

Simple holder to drill the end of a metal rod

I used this jig on the drill press to drill the end of a metal rod when I made the scratch gauge.

Accurate 90 degree jig

I made this to clamp wood at an accurate 90 degrees. It's very useful. No link.

Puzzle joint experiment
puzzle joint experiment

I ran an experiment to see if I could make a faster joint between pieces of plywood. I usually scarf them. The joint is very strong.

Squirrel Proof Peanut Butter Feeder
Squirrel proof feeder

I got tired of feeding hoardes of greedy squirrels that scare my birds away. Don't worry they get lots of seeds that have fallen on the ground. (on my gardening site)

filling the new peanut butter feeder

I got a cheap grease gun to easily fill my squirrel proof feeder. It works really well.

Workbench from left over construction wood.
completed workbench

I made a useful workbench from left over 2x8 lumber.

Simple foil and carboard solar cooker
solar cooker

Simple cardboard solar cooker worked surprisingly well. Cheap and fast to make

Compound Lever Press
Compound Lever press

I made this to make biomass briquettes, It's more useful now as a can crusher and general press.

No Kill Mousetrap
No Kill Mousetrap

This simple mousetrap has caught a mouse every night for 2 weeks.

Sharpening jig for chisel and plane blades
Sharpening jig

I made a sharpening jig to sharpen chisels and plane blades. Works well to fix any chips and set angles, then I finish and polish by hand.

Wood Gas Stove
details of wood gas stove

I experimented with 2 sizes of can woodburner stoves. The larger one was amazingly efficient. Video link.

I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine