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Chatty and Pushy!

Jenny on Rad

Little Jenny was a Annex Cat Rescue Adoption. Jenny had been rescued from the streets as a pregnant teenager. After the kittens had been weaned Jenny was put in a foster home and her story and picture put up on the Organization's web site. When I went to visit her, I found her in a pristine, white and black flat. Immaculate and small she cut a tiny shy figure.

We brought her home and placed her in a makeshift pen I had put together to keep her safe and give her a chance to settle in. We were doing renovations and did not have a single quiet room. Within a few hours she had become dusty and much less pristine than when we got her! She was timid from the start and took a long time to come out from under the dresser. I spent days without seeing her. She was eating and using the litter but remained invisible. She eventually started coming out--probably from sheer boredom! At that point I gave her the run of the house, she promptly disappeared and was AWOL for several days. I guess she went to the basement. At least it was warm. Food went down in her dish so I guess she crept up at night to eat.

relaxing in the garden

Jenny settled in very slowly. Eventually she became quite confident and started demanding attention and treats. She always loves to go out to the enclosed back garden to check out the composter for mice, do some birdwatching and catch the odd bug. She has claimed many sunny spots and will happily spend an afternoon watching people go by in the lane from the top of the fence.

Jenny always likes it when we have kittens in the house and along with "uncle Oscar" will take care of them and clean them.

jenny with one of our foster kitten

Jenny remains cautious around strangers and quickly retreats to the basement when new people come around. When she is alone with me she is a changed cat and will talk, squeak, warble and display a large kitty vocabulary. She loves a brushing and is loud in demanding to be petted.

Jenny must have been allowed to be fed from the table and was loud and insistent when we ate. She still enjoys her food but no longer begs from the table. The sound of the treat bag brings her galloping in no matter what she is up to.

relaxing in the garden

Sunning herself

Jenny currently defends a spot in my bedroom where I have put a heated pet bed. She is spending much of the winter gracefully draped across the cushion and looking utterly contented. She wakes me in the morning hoping to get me up to dish out the breakfast treats. Her persistence and loud demands has earned her the right to be fed first.

Of all the cats Jenny is the one who enjoys the good life most. She loves a warm bed, a good meal, a nice scratch. She lives for a sunny spot, or a taste of grass. She loves to be clean and her coat is always impeccable. Rain and snow are direct insults to her comfort and she holds me responsible.

Jenny and I play a game of push the ball. What the camera did not pick up was the loud purr.


Jenny is getting on now. We have moved to a rural setting and she still loves to go and explore the area. There are millions of mice and that is a fabulous source of entertainment.

In Winter she is less inclined to get her little paws frozen so stays inside and does some bird watching. In fact she spends days riveted to the window watching the birdfeeder.

She has a spot of arthritis and gets medicine for it. It's more of a painkiller I think, but she likes it! The taste is not good but somehow she has figured out it makes her feel better. When I ask her if she wants her medicine she starts purring and even opens her mouth for the liquid. When have you ever seen a cat volunteer for a dose of medicine!

perfect size

At around 16 years old Jenny still likes to play and gets around very well. She found the tunnel to be exactly the perfect size.

perfect size

She spends a large part of her day on her cushion by the sunny window. There is a birdfeeder outside and she can watch birds and squirrels. She loves the big turkeys that visit.

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