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What's New?

I split the site into 2, moved the garden, butterflies, biochar, grow-lights, and gardening for cats, to Some of the links on this page will point to the gardening page.

Christine DeMerchant's Web Page

I caught Covid and developed long term Covid. My poor website has been sadly neglected

With very little energy for anything and a very fuzzy brain, the website has fallen behind.

Thank you to people who have suggested corrections and improvement. I'm finally getting to it.

I managed to complete my SCAMP and launched it. It is an amazing little boat.

I'm now feeling much better and starting to slowly get my energy back. What a roller coaster ride that was. Welcome to my website.

Rigging image

Rigging My SCAMP part1

Rigging My SCAMP part2

This is how I rigged my SCAMP. I found this quite a complicated process, not because it's hard but because I was not familiar with this rigging and the instructions were difficult to understand and incomplete.


I grew medicinal cannabis during the summer Don't click if you are not 18 or over.

I grew and tried medicinal marijuana this summer to see if it could reduce pain on my hands and help me sleep. Here is what happened. Cannabis is legal in Canada. I did not produce THC only DBD so I'm not getting high.


Ticks on Cats

My page on Tick. Since ticks bite pretty much everybody indiscriminately it is a useful page for cats and dogs as well as humans. Life cycle, diseases ticks carry, some control.

scamp navigation

Scamp Navigation Page. The list was getting too long.

angle jig

Jigs, Storage, Tools, Mousetraps, Rust Cleaning and other bits and bobs

A bunch of things I have made or used that have worked well for me. They end up as orphans on the website but they are interesting enough to be looked at occasionally.

apple pie tender

Wooden Boat Plans suitable for use as a Tender

A whole lot of links to boat plans which would work well as tenders. Some free. Many different boatbuilding methods including stitch and glue, strip building and ultralight skin on frame

canna lilies

Growing Canna Lilies from Seeds

Although it's faster to use tubers, Canna Lilies are easy to start from seeds and much cheaper.

turned over

Working on the Topside

My SCAMP is turned over and I've been working on finishing the topside


How to check your cat for ticks and how to remove them.

Spring has sprung, sort of, and ticks are starting to show up. Time to check the critter for ticks. New page tells you how to check and remove ticks.

treating fleas in cats

Improved article on Treating Fleas on cats

Getting Rid of Fleas in the House

It's time to treat the cats for fleas. I've improved and updated the page and added a new page on how to treat the home for fleas.

What is that boat called? A dictionary on types of boats

Boat types and names are confusing, here is an attempt at figuring out what was what. This page is the result on my own notes trying to figure out different types of boats. It's a bit clearer now.

It's Fall and the Dogs and Cats will be coming inside. It's time to start treating everyone for fleas and ticks so they don't bring them in the house.

clamp rack

I finally made myself a Clamp Rack

Finally after many years, I finally gave up the "chuck everything into a milk crate" school of clamp storage and made myself a rack. It's got wheels too!

wood scraper

I bought a new scraper and I'm thrilled

In an effort to make cleaning up and finishing epoxy easier I got myself a new silicon carbide blade scraper. I'm thrilled with the stupid scraper. Go figure!

Getting Around

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Steps in Building a SCAMP sailboat

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Boat Plans

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garden navigation page

My Photos

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Jigs and Gizmos

navigation icon for jigs and experiments

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This web site reflects my personal ideas and doesn't represent anyone else's point of view.

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Unless otherwise indicated, I own the copyright for all the material on this website, including photos. If you want to use some, contact me for written permission.

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