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Rowing my Boat in the Humber River

Humber River Bridge from inside breakwall Cormorans drying out Mysterious silent water Humber River cattails Canada Geese taking a bath in the Humber Riverl Lily pads in a little quiet side bay Humber River turtle Large Dead turtle in Humber River Cormorans on a log Cormoran and nest Gulls taking it easy Bird on side of humber river fishing Humber River bird hiding on a tree White Bird

I rowed my Skerry boat along the breakwall, under the Humber River Bridge then under the highway and railway bridges. I was transported to another world. As the fog slowly lifted and the sun came out I saw lots of birds, frogs and several turtles. There were also mysterious little trampled down paths in the cattails. These could be muscrat or beaver paths.

Cormorans had taken over a cove of trees and built high straggly nests in dead trees. The Humber river can be rowed quite a long way, as far as Etienne Brule Park near Old Mill Road. It's hard to believe it's in the middle of the city.

Read about the rescue and release of a tiny snapping turtle I found washed out of the Humber in a spring downpour.

I went for a walk in Etienne Brule Park along the Humber River Rainbow Trout were migrating upriver and jumping the Dam.


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