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Kitten GLOP

I've used this Glop kitten formula recipe to raise many tiny kittens and have found that it is palatable and works well. I've also given it to sick cats who are fussy and won't eat much.

Make sure all your instruments and hands are very clean before mixing the formula. It is also helpful to rince the jars you use for storing the Glop in boiling water. I put all the bowl spoons and mixing whisk in the dishwasher and sanitize.

It sets as a milky jelly that should be warmed before use. It keeps quite well for a week in the refrigerator. I've heard that some people freeze it but I have never done this.

DO NOT return un-used portion back to the main batch. Your other cats will love the leftovers.

Glop Recipe


Put the warm water in a bowl and sprinkle the gelatine on top. Soften for about 5 minutes and stir till there are no clumps.

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. I use a whisk.

Pour in clean jars and store in the refrigerator. I find that using several half pint jars work well. The glop might separate a bit but don't worry about that. It will mix back up when you warm the milk for a feeding.

This will keep for up to a week if your fridge is cold.

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Preparing for Use

When you want to feed your kittens, spoon out as much Glop as you plan to use, it's like jello when it's cold, and warm either in the microwave or by placing in a small bowl on top of warm water. Don't warm too hot or it will cook and curdle. If you are using the microwave warm only a few seconds at a time. It's no good for kittens if it curdles. Your other cats might eat it though.

I have raised many kittens using Glop.

I have heard of some people using pedialite instead of water and not as much corn syrup. I have never tried this.

These kittens have learned to drink glop from a bowl. I started them with an eye dropper. They were very tiny.

Don't return un used portions to the jars because it will speed up souring and going bad.

Don't forget that if you are feeding very small kittens, they need to have their bum and tummy stroked to go to the bathroom. I use a warm wet face cloth to gently rub them and clean up.