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Gimbaled Kerosene Boat Stove

While in Texas for a boatbuilding session, I visited Charlie Jones' boat, Tehani. He had an old gimbaled stove that he used and liked a lot.

gimbaled stove

Unlike many of the newer stoves which use either compressed gas cannisters or alcohol, it uses kerosene.

Adjustable pot holder

stove set for large pots

One of the most interesting aspect of this particular cooker is the adjustable pot holding mechanism. I'm a sucker for clever gizmos and this works particularly nicely.

Inside the cooker bowl, there is a thick metal ring that rotates freely on a series of small ledges around the bowl. This metal ring is attached to 3 double rods, one of which extends out and can lock into the serrated edge of the cooker bowl.

This ring assemblly is not attached to anything but rather moves freely inside the cooker bowl. It can be removed by just lifting it up.

Inside the bowl, near the center burner, are 3 step shaped metal rods. These can rotate freely. One riser of the step shape fits into the double rod of the moveable bowl assembly ring.

Stove set for small pots

As the ring assembly is turned by lifting the double rod loop that extends over the serrated edge, the stair shaped rods rotate and move towards the inside.

This assembly is used to keep a small to larger pot safely onto the burner and is adjustable simply by movings the rod loop left to right.

This makes a clever and simple pot control mechanism that has worked for years. The maximum size is not very large though.

label on gimbaled stove

Close up of the label is not very clear. Maybe Sea Swing? Sea Cook?

The stove is set up for kerosene but other burners could work also.

The gimbal assembly is more modern I think. It moved well and easily. The wider support would also help shield the boat from the heat of the cooker.

I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine