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Free Punt Plans

These drawings show how to build a simple English style punt. Although solid lumber is specified, plywood would be a good substitute. Wide boards are hard to come by these days and good plywood is simpler to use.

Most cultures have a form of punt to carry goods around in quiet water. Puts are also a favourite hunting and fishing boat providing a relatively stable platform and shallow draft. Because the sides are quite low this boat is not suitable in areas that can have big waves.

Punts are often moved by either poling with a long wood or aluminium pole, or by using oars. If the water is deep enough and free from too many weeds a small motor can be used.

These plans come from an old kids craft book circa 1950. I have not tried the plan but punts are relatively simple boats to build so it would certainly produce a usable boat. Although not specified, some foam inserted in the deck cavities would provide flotation.

If you plan to use a trolling motor, the stern can be extended up to accommodate the fittings of your motor.

Note that the plans suggest using caulking made of candle wicking soaked in white lead. Stay away from Lead!! This boat could certainly be built using epoxy or PU adhesive.

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Free Punt Plans

I have shown a few sources of free punt plans in the side bar. John Gardner also has plans in his book 'Building Classic Small Craft'. I would hesitate to try and build from his book in most cases, I'm simply not experienced enough, but the punt I could make.

These plans specify solid woood planks. Clear wood planks are not widely available and are expensive. Idt would be perfectly acceptable to substitute marine or at the very least outdoor grade plywood for the construction.

Polyurethane glues and epoxy make reliable adhesives. Do not use lead.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine

Small Print

I don't claim to be an expert, I'm a fan though. If you want to build one do your homework first. I have not built this boat and offter the plans for entertainment and education, not because I endorse them.