Joining a Dragon Boat Team

So you think you would like to try paddling on a Dragon Boat Team in Toronto? You're in LUCK! Nothing could be easier.

There are Dragon Boat Teams of every flavour. From competitive young buff and beautiful to lily dipping for fun and companionship, there is a team for you.

Dragon Boat Team Racing or just Paddling is a very well organized sport

There are many Organizations, Associations and Governing Bodies which also help direct people to teams. Its a good place to start your search.

Dragon Boat Canada is the official governing body for the sport of dragon boat racing in Canada, and is recognized as such, internationally, by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) is the world governing authority for dragon boating.

GWN Each year Great White North (GWN) produces over 40 dragon boat events and races raising millions of dollars for community and charitable organizations. "GWN offers start-to-finish event management services, corporate team-building experiences, social marketing initiatives, premier training camps, and equipment sales and leases. Put simply, GWN is the one-stop shop for all things dragon boat." According to their website. A good place to start if you want to paddle in a Dragon Boat Team, or just try.

There is an active paddling club at Sunnyside. Sunnyside Paddling Club

If you work for a large company or organization chances are they might have a team.

There are lots of teams out there.

Check out a Dragon Boat Race Event

There are countless Dragon Boat Races held every year and attending an event is a great way of connecting with possible teams. It gives you a chance of actually getting the "feel" for the Dragon Boat World. Google Dragon Boat Races in Toronto. YouTube is also well supplied with video of various events.

Many Existing Boat Clubs have Dragon Boat Teams.

TS&CC and the Boulevard Club are 2 examples. Its a pleasant ride on Martin Goodman trail in the evening. You will see many dragon Boats practicing on Lake Ontario

Corporations and Financial Institutions like to have Dragon Boat Teams

Because Corporate ethos encourages team building and bonding, and Dragon Boat Paddling does a superb job of bringing folks together, many

Dragon Boats are sponsored by big companies. Most banks and many financial institutions have their teams.

Just a few I noticed at a race in Toronto: BMO First Dragons, TD Komodo Dragons, KPMG Envy Dragons Blue Team, KPMG Envy Dragons White Team, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Dragons, TD Waterhouse, CIBC Mellon C-Monsters, RBC Golden Lions, RBC Royal Dragons, Team KRG

Charitable Not for Profit have Many Paddling Teams

Dragon Boating has been associated with charitable and ecological causes and its not surprising that many teams are of that flavour and embrace paddling as a way to fundraise or bring awareness, or even just celebrate surviving.

This is very true of the many Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat teams. Scotiabank sponsors many teams. Here are JUST A FEW Teams:

Bosom Buddies of Nova Scotia

Chemo Savvy

Prostate Paddlers in Manitoba

International Breast Cancer Paddlers' Commission

Public Service have their share of Dragon Boat Teams:

Toronto Police Crime Wave, Civil Dragon, Toronto Firefighters, CSA Certified Dragons, St. John Ambulance Dragon Crusaders

Schools and Universities also Paddle Dragon Boats

University College Waterdragon Boat Team

Victoria College Dragon Boat Team U of T

York University has a team

Paddlers anonymous was started by U of Waterloo students

University of Western Ontario has a team

Many Private Companies and Corporations will have a team or sponsor one

Gap Adventures and CN Aquatrain are 2 examples.

Health institutions and Hospitals are well represented in The Dragon Boat Paddling World

Naturopathic Current Diagnostic Destroyers

Mount Sinai Hospital has a dragonboat team as does Women's College Hospital.

Woman's College Dragon Boat Team

Bloorview Kids Rehab

St Michael's Wings on Water

Toronto Grace Health Centre,Grace On Fire

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