Photos of Wildlife I took when in Cuba

Christine DeMerchant's Photographs of Cuban Wildlife

I was staying at the Bucanero resort near Santiago da Cuba and took photos of various critters and flowers in no particular order.

I was not set up to do underwater photography but the reef was spectacular. On much of the coast there is a reef wall with no beach. It is incredibly well preserved and rich. There are very healthy coral colonies. Each year the big storms batter the coastline but the coral, sponges and hidden creatures are amazing. I saw squid, baracuda, octopus, many different fish, shark and jellyfish.

Cuban iguana at Bucanero 2 Iguanas at Buchanero Cuban resort

There was a large population of big iguanas living at the Bucanero resort near Santiago da Cuba. They were quite tame and would come around and mooch during meals at the Beach grill. They loved french fries. I saw one snub a piece of fruit after licking it. They lived in the cliff backing the resort.

Iguana in tree berries

The Iguanas climb very well and could scramble up and down the cliffs. Here is one picking berries about 6 feet up a tree. The berries attracted birds as well.

Black Bird in Aloe flowers cuban bird eating berriees
long roots palm fruit butterfly tree

Roots reaching down from the top of the cliff, 15 plus metres. Palm fruit didn't taste of much. Butterfly tree were in bloom all over the mountains.

At night a screech owl was encouraging her family to start flying . . . loudly. Eventually the little ones took the plunge from a high cave on the cliff.

Cactus Yellowflower
orange moss yucca plant in cuban resort lizard

Bright orange moss, Yucca plant has flower stalk over 20 feet high, Lizard with curly tail

cuban crab Orchids
blue flower canyon

The canyon was very quiet except for the soft buzz of the million of bees fast at work. Little fat lizards with curly tails sat beside the beehive holes and would eat bees as they went by. This little crab made a hole that was over 3 feet deep in the sand. He worked all day to keep the sand out, flinging big piles away with his big claw. In the evening he went out to look for food and love.

Little bats also live in the caves backing the resort. They come out in the evening looking for insects.