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Old american car
One of many old American cars lovingly maintained. Modern taxis are also available.
Cuban crab
His hole is over a metre deep! He uses his big claw to scrape and fling sand out of his hole.
tide pool in cuba
Tide pool on scraggy coast near Santiago de Cuba
Cuba cliff
High cliff is dramatic background. Lots of caverns provide homes to birds and iguanas.
High surf
Dramatic surf on a high wind day.
Bucanero resort dining room
Bucanero Resort dining room
Lumber truck
Lumber harvesting taken from bus window
waiting for bus
waiting for the bus after work
cuban iguana
Iguana high in a tree eating berries. In the sun they are lightning fast.
Cuban iguana
Countless large Iguanas live in the cliffs and come down for hand outs. They eat leaves and berries, flies and french fries.
Deep mysterious canyon behind resort
Cuban iguana
Small agricultural commune. We saw pigs, chickens, goats.
street view
Community meeting hall in commune
street view
Street view. Truck is open at back and full of people. We saw several buses and horse carts.
Spectacular view from top of Maestra Mountains
Flower plantation Orchid
coffee plantation building
Historical Coffee plantation building
coffee plantation drying yard
Coffee drying yard

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