Zombie Garden Gnome
Lots of Whiskers!

Zombie Garden Gnome

Zombies are very much in Fashion this time of year. My grand children were getting ready to go on the Toronto Zombie Walk and so was my Nick!

The hair comes from a rubber wizard mask I took apart. Just glued the hair using spirit glue.

Although very effective, the beard was annoying and kept getting in my mouth. I was glad to take it off.

Next time I wear a long beard I will glue it clear of the mouth. In that way I'll be able to eat and drink. Make up around the mouth will cover the lack of beard in that area and the beard will be comfortable to wear.

The hat is from the dollar store too. It was part of a witch hat and I just cut off the brim. The shirt should have been more colourful but I did not have much time to get my costume together so blue it was. Just do a search for garden gnome and find one you like.

The Hat is felt. I took apart a cheap dollar store witch hat.

Detail of make up.

Very fun and over the top. I don't think you can do anything wrong when making a zombie gnome face! I started with a white cream. Added a yellow and purple bruise. I had stuck on a fake spike with spirit glue and used red lipstick as my red blood. The beard and pants are covered with acrylic paint in the most lurid of reds. I used some black eye shadow around the eyes and some red lipstick around the eyes.

Nick is dressed as a cowboy Zombie

Nick as a Cowboy Zombie. I don't think you could ever make Nick look mean! But he certainly looks ghoulish in a friendly sort of way. He dressed up for the Zombie Walk

Cook's hatMaking a chef's hat

This year's theme for the Zombie Walk is Zombie Chefs and Waiters. Here I'm making chef's hats The kitchen is no longer safe.

cat with a witch hatMaking a Wizard Hat

Detailed instructions on how to make and fit a witch or wizard's hat.

Good Simple video on how to do a zombie make up.

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