Wizzard Costume
Complete with Hat, Staff, Wand, and lots Hair!

Wizard costume

Wizard costume has staff (notice the carved face below the copper wrapping) a pointed hat with mystic jewelry, and of course a wand. Nick in the same costume has added an outside belt.

Wizard Costume

The Whiskers were made from a package of cheap grey hair extension hair. It was stuck on with spirit gum and made my upper lip and chin very stiff. The long hair was attached to the hat.

Make up looks a bit weak in the bright light but worked very well in the dark. In particular the eyes looked really sunken with only the cheekbones sticking out. Without the hat the face looks quite interesting.

All the fabric has a lot of body and drapes very well. It's all upholstery fabric. The undergown is patterned and quite shiny. The overmantle sways very nicely and flaps if you walk quickly.

For details on making a Wizard Hat click here
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Nick as a Wizard

Nick chose to belt the outer mantle. The collar is visible in this photo.

The staff is also fully visible. I used thick copper wire wrapped top and bottom. The staff itself is from a 2x2 that I shaped on the table saw so it is octagonal. It is finished with a dark walnut stain that barely had a chance to dry! For details on the staff have a look at the detailed page on the wizard costume

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