4 Halloween costumes

These are 4 little costumes I made for Halloweens. These are fun and comfortable to wear. Good links on the sidebar if you are interested in costume.

halloween page costume

Page costume. I loved the feather. Shirt was a coarse weave Silk that had been salvaged from old sacking, from my dumpster diving days.

Chris' hair was fabulous for this.

The vest got a lot of use in several plays and as various iterations of halloween costumes. Some accessories just work and this is one that did.

halloween Little Red Riding Hood costume accessory crown

Kim dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Black crinoline and Red Satin, Kim also wore a black bustier with this costume for a party.

Kim had a fabulous pair of black boots that really added to the ensemble.

halloween costume

Another take on an old standby. Headpiece took hours to put together.

This was many years ago when it was not so politically charged. The young chap grew up to be respectful of native culture and went to teach in the far north.

The costume is made of felt. This allowed me to make fringes just by cutting the fabric.

Quite Elaborate version. This was a special request for Halloween.

halloween fool costume

This costume went on to be decorated with pompoms and jewels. It became quite elaborate and won a prize. It was comfortable and easy to wear.

The headpiece is made from fleece. It has a wire support and is stuffed with polyester batting. It is very light and stays on really well. Because the fleece stretches I did not have to put a fastener on the hood part.

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