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Witch Halloween Costume

zombie chef costume

I dress up every year for Halloween. This year I decided to revisit the old stand-by, the Witch.

This interpretation stays away from the all black but keeps the witch feel with a bit of glam added.

I put the broom together from branches and a stained dowel. The branches are tied on with rope wound in tightly. I could have bought a ready made broom but they tend to be too short. I wanted an adult sized broom! The feather is just for extra glam.

My last Halloween costume was a
Zombie Garden Gnome,
It was lots of fun but the zombie gnome beard really got in the way when I ate.

I had to decide wheather the witch would be attractive or as ugly as I could make her. In the end I tried to make an ugly witch but not a bloody ghoulish one, maybe not even scary, or zombie like. Since I wanted a make up that would show better in the dark, I made bold shading.

Witch Make-Up

The witch has nose and chin extensions as well as a wart. The nose was a dollar store tie on nose that I was able to cut down and attach with latex. The chin is built up from crumpled up tissue soaked in latex as is the wart. I made no effort to smooth out the chin or the nose since rough skin is ok on an ugly witch.

I experimented with dry make up rather than grease paint. I also tried to bring up the line of the nose, the jawline, the top of the chin and the jowl by putting white there. I also added many wrinke lines in the forehead, around the eyes and mouth. Dark helps to sink the eyes. The red lipstick is also repeated around the eyes. Great fun!

The water based make up is not as bright as the grease paint but makes convincing wrinkles because it dries as a rigid coat and as my faced moved it made wonderful wrinkles.

I powdered the mouth and eyes so the lipstick would not smudge and put on my hat.

For instructions on making a witch or wizard hat here is a link.

I had tried to make the hat and hair cheerful and brash. I think that worked quite well.

The hair is cheap extension hair in dark blond and orange that I blended together and sewed onto the hat. I could have used a wig too.

nick as a zombie chef

Nick Dressed up as a Zombie Chef

Nick Repeated his Zombie Walk costume and dressed as a chef.

One of the reason his costume works so well is the restraint he used in applying blood. We had buckets of the stuff and could have covered him in goopy blood. Instead he only put a bit and it really works well.

Zombie walk costume

Link to Zombie chef costumes, make up and details.

email me if you have questions or find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine