Making Wooden Cleats

There exists lots of nice cleats but I was curious and wanted to make a few in wood. I think they will look appropriate for the boat.

making wooden cleats for my Skerry Boat

Cleats shaped.

Shaped wooden cleats from a scrap of maple. I'll be using them on the Skerry mast to attach the snotter and the line that tensions the sail (downhaul?). The little hook will attach the line that will go around the mast to tighten the snotter, the line that tightens the sprit

I made the screw holes with a flat surface rather than a v depression so that the screws would not split the wooden cleats as I tighten them or when they are subjected to pressure when the lines pull on them.

Put a first coat of varnish on the cleats. I diluted it so it would soak into the wood including the holes I drilled. The holes are countersunk with a flat bottom and I will have to use a pan-head screw.

At my club there are some old keelboats that have wood cleats. These have held up as well as the metal horn cleats.

NOTE: It's been several years since I made these cleats. Now that I look at them I find them a bit clunky. They have been very useful and are still in great condition though.

making wooden cleats
First coat of diluted varnish.

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