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Books about Cats

Cats are enchanting and mysterious, here are a few books to help you understand them

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Cat Health Reference Books

You should have at least one good reference text about cat health. Running to MR. Google when there is an emergency is not useful because you have to wade through a lot of nonsense before reaching good advice and it's sometimes hard to tell the difference.

Cat Behaviour and Training

Cats can be trained. There have been great circus acts with cats. Have a look at this Youtube: Moscow Circus Trained Cats That's good because cats get into bad habits and need to learn. Here are a few from cat behaviourists. These will help you understand why your cat does what it does.

Cat Nutrition

There is a great deal of controversy these days about cat nutrition. Some cats are not sensitive but other cats can be very sick with the wrong diet. Here are a few suggested books. Beware of quacks, there are a lot of them out there. Don't forget that a cat must have meat, he is an obligate carnivore.

If your cat is bringing up a lot, or has trouble digesting his food or has urinary track crystals, the proper diet might be the answer. Most of these books are serious reference books except for the last one which is a beginner's guide.

Cat Stories

There are many stories about cats. Here are a few. Some might even be true!

Some Cat Humour

I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine