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Bone Aparte with a Tennis Ball

This is an Acrylic painting I did for my grandson's birthday. Napoleon Bone Aparte with Tennis Ball is the official title.

They have a Portuguese water dog who loves to chase balls.

Paining of Napoleon Bonaparte with dog head

This is my first attempt of making a painting with Acrylic paints. I had used acrylics before but never to paint a "real" portrait.

I used it because I wanted the paint to dry quicky. That's a quality and a fault. It makes it difficult to blend and shade. I think there are additives that allow you to manipulate the paint but I did'nt have any.

The portrait is based on a formal portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte which I modified to make the uniform flashier.

I had a couple of photos of the dog as well.

I kept the theme of the background but simplified it. I think that worked just fine.

I wanted the dog to look in far distance dreaming of great ball chasing.

Everyone was delighted with the painting. It is hanging in the Dining Room.

Napoleon Bonaparte portuguese water dog with a tennis ball

These 2 images were my reference images. The Napoleon portrait is by David. I painted the ball orange at first but it looked off. I changed it to green and it was better. It's tricky to make a face full of tennis ball look formal.

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