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Some Experimental Boats made from Coroplast and other Corrugated Plastic sheets.

Because Coroplast is quite an inexpensive material, it's easy to experiment with it. Give it a try, start with cardboard models and go on to a 4x8 sheet.

folding coroplast boatClick on image for link to free plans for folding boat. More details on the Take apart Cruiser
Boat made of coroplast and plywood

Andrzej ''kooniu'' Jasztal made one of Ken simpson's models Here is a link to the article from Duckworks

Applied Sciences has free plan for "45 Minute Kayak"

coroplast kayak

Link to pdf plan of an 8 ft corrugated plastic kayak. This is likely a fun inexpensive afternoon project with the kids. Minimum instructions. I would use Gorilla Tape or the Scotch heavy duty tapes for this and make sure I have a pfd on. Make a model out of cardboard first.

Too short to be an adult's boat but will easily carry a smaller human.

The Oru Kayak is an elegant 12 foot Kayak which folds into a package small enough to bring on a plane. This is a portable boat light enough to be practical. Can be unfolded thousands of times.

coroplast kayakcoroplast kayak folded

No Parts have designed a model of folding boat that is hugely simple to fold up and transport. I think they are designing it as an emergency/rescue boat. I don't think it is available commercially. They are using thicker coroplast. Looks like close to half inch, this makes the sheet much stiffer.


I'm cheating a bit because this is not corplast at all but it is rather a good folding boat. It has the advantage of being stiffer. It looks a bit like polycarbonate but stronger. At one point he hammers it and the boat survives. Have a look.

Tucktec folding boat It looks like you can buy it directly from them and it is also available from

Tucktec Foldable Kayak, Canoe from Amazon.

Coroplast for Remote Control Boats and Aircrafts

Coroplast is widely used as a material for remote control miniature boats and planes. Here is a link to a Jet Boat and another link to a Jet plane

If you are interested in RC airplanes here is an introduction to building RC planes book for you. from Amazon


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