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Houseboat Plans

These are links to various different styles of houseboats. Generally these boats are not suitable for open water or high wind situations but rather provide great service as floating, gently cruising cottages, or permanent homes.

Floating homes usually intended to be semi permanently moored in one spot and which differ little from on shore houses are beyond the scope of this page.

They are also often subject to a different set of permits and regulation than cruising boats.

If you're planning a boatbuilding project you might like to check my boatbuilding resources. These are articles from my website and some outside links and build diaries.

Some questions before choosing a model

How will this boat be used, fishing, live aboard, exploring the world, cottage? Will you trailer it, moor it at a marina, haul it out in winter, head south come frost.

How many people will use this boat? Will they sleep on board? How elaborate will the facilities be, kitchen/galley, bathroom, hot water, heating/air conditioning, mosquito screen. What safety gear do you need, radio, fish finder, radar? Will you carry a tender/dinghy? What kind of Motor(s), Bow-thruster? Will you maintain or pay for maintenance. What's your budget?

House Boat Plan Links

Email me if a link is broken or if I've missed a boat. I try to keep my links accurate but things change quickly on the web.