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Building an Apple Pie Dinghy

DAY 9 of building the Apple Pie Dinghy tender for my Tanzer 22.

Sanding the hull of the apple pie tender.


Sanding the hull of the apple pie tender.

Still Sanding...

I use 80 grit when I start to get rid of runs and ridges, then go on to 100 and quickly to 220. It is quite easy to sand through a layer of epoxy. I'm wearing a dust mask and it is a million degrees outside.

Opening up the daggerboard hole

More sanding

Still sanding the hull of the apple pie tender.

I have to keep in mind my original goal of a useful but NOT PERFECT finish. I always feel guilty about not getting it as good as I can.

Cleaned of dust

There are no outrageous spots. Some of the fillets are still a bit rough and so be it. I dusted the hull and wiped it off with a damp cloth. It is warm so it dried immediately. It seems a shame to cover the wood with paint but it will be easier to maintain.

primer for apple pie dinghy tender

Applied a first coat of primer to the outside hull of my Apple Pie Tender. It is so warm that the paint dried very quickly. It still will have to sit overnight before it can be sanded without gumming up the sandpaper. This is Epiphane primer. I used it on the Skerry build and I really liked it. I did not coat the gunwales yet. I'm not sure if I will paint them or leave them wood coloured.

I have now spent a total of 67 hours building this dinghy. I estimate another 20 finishing, plus a further 10 getting the rig sorted out and finished with mast/spars. This will be about 100 hours.

I think I have spent about 25 hours more than the plans required so far modifying the interior and making a daggerboard case-mast step / daggerboard and rudder. I have no doubt that to make a basic dinghy would take about 60-70 hours or maybe less if you were better at applying resin and did a smoother job.

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