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apple pie dinghy tender.

I build a stitch and glue plywood tender for my Tanzer 22.

At the end of day 6, which was a short day, I have the outside of the boat fiberglassed with 2 layers of resin and skid and sked installed. I have the gunwales installed.

DAY 7 of building the Apple Pie Dinghy

Removed all but 3 clamps from the gunnels. They will stay on as insurance and hopefully get the wood used to the bent shape.

The daggerboard case was screwed through the hull. I went around and filled any spot that needed it. This set very quickly.

Building a tender, working on transom

I made a pattern and cut a transom gunwale and reinforcement. Since I plan to attach a rudder for sailing I wanted extra plywood there. I guess it would be possible to add a small motor as well.

Any motor would have to be very small, not only would it have a big effect on the balance of this very small boat but this boat is very easily driven.

bow gunwale

Plywood Gunwales have been roughly trimmed and bow gunwale made and dry fitted. Gave the hull inside and out a third coat of epoxy. This should be enough.

NOTE:In hindsight I would not put a sailing rig on this boat if I were to build her again. It added weight and the sailing rig was not very efffective. It was hard to sail because a grown person like me is just too heavy to move around safely.

Daggerboard detail for apple pie dinghy tender

Cut and shaped the daggerboard. I will test it for size and fit before I finish it.

making the rudder.

Made a pattern for the rudder assembly. I'm winging it here! I'm using half inch plywood. I'm hoping to be able to pivot the rudder blade up and down by pulling on the appropriate line.


Started sanding the outside. It's quite bumpy in places and there are some fiberglass cloth overlap. This is going to take a bit of time. It's my least favourite part of the job. I went and rummaged in my paints and found some fiberglass primer and white paint. The inside is going to be white I think.

END OF DAY 7. The outside hull is almost complete. I still need to open up the daggerboard slit and finish the cut edge. Then it's all about sanding and rounding off the gunwales.

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