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I have launched the little dinghy and posted a video on youtube showing her being rowed and being towed.

At the end of day 5, I have the outside of the boat fiberglassed with 2 layers of resin and skid and sked installed. I have the gunwales ready to be installed.

DAY 6 of building the Apple Pie Dinghy tender for my Tanzer 22.

Blushing epoxy.

For the first time ever using MAS epoxy I have some blushing upon setting. I used up the last of an old bottle of resin. It was at least 2 years old. There was no problem with the hardening but there was blushing. Now I know. Old resin might blush. The blushing sanded off with no problem.

Building a tender, adding gunwales

Trying out the gunwale for fit and to see if there was going to be any problem bending them to the curve. I was ready to reduce their thickness, these are three quarter of an inch thick, but it was not necessary.

Leaving one side on to maintain balanced shape of the side of the boat, I glued the other side. The gunnel are stiff enough that if the 2 sides are not evenly pulled by the gunnel they will distort. So even if only one side is being glued, both sides should be on.

gunwales get glued

Apple pie plans suggested one inch half round, but I had this wood already. It went on without much argument. I left a slight filet on the bottom edge.

If I had only one bit of advice to new boat-builders, I would say "buy lots of clamps!"

Gunwale detail for apple pie dinghy tender

Detail of the glue line. I have left a small fillet. This makes a less tidy paint line but is stronger.

NOTE: I'm happy the mahoganny was hard and resistant. The gunnels take a beating on this tender. I might eventually put some padding around the edge.

added some runners.

Added another runner, or rather a short strip of runner to protect the back corners.

The outside of the boat is essentially done now. I need to trim the protective strips and coat everything with a last layer of resin, but otherwise close to done except for finishing.

END OF DAY 6. This was a short day, only 3 hours. I managed to attach the gunwales and add 2 strips to help protect the back corners.

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