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DAY 18


Day 17 of my build

Last coat of paint on pram tender.

The little apple pie tender pram gets her final coat of paint. I went around the outside under the gunwales and touched up any spot where the varnish had run under the masking tape. Rain started so I had to cover her.

designing the rudder.

Back to the drawing floor and finally trying to pin down the tiller. I had left a piece of plywood uncut on the rudder case to attach the tiller Finally I decided against the regular tiller and made a push pull type. I like the one that is on the Skerry. It allows me to sit easily on the floor and steer.

attaching the rudder yoke.

I made a yoke and epoxied it to the rudder case. Unlike the Skerry rudder I made 2 sides so I would have a choice of sides. Mostly it will allow me to easily tie the rudder so it stays straight if I'm rowing. That's one thing I have trouble with the Skerry. Its hard to fasten the rudder in one spot.

rudder with yoke

Here is the rudder with the blade attached. It pivots at the bolt so it can be pulled up. The tiller is attached to one side of the yoke. The blue tape shows where the pintles will be attached, should they ever arrive. I still have to attach the lines to the rudder blade and thread them through the case. I have a cleat I will install on top of the yoke.

attaching the rudder yoke.

This is the whole assembly of the push pull rudder. I used green and white line to tie the tiller to the rudder assembly but a piece of bungy is better.
Next time I'm giving the mast another coat of varnish, I'll add the rudder assembly to the list of things to get varnished.
I started looking at the cost of the project. This is an estimate only. I had many of the things already, such as the mahogany board, and the silica Cabosil. The paint is way overkill but I had bought it and found it was too cream a colour for the Tanzer. I have left over epoxy and at least one yard of cloth plus many cut offs. The half inch plywood was used for front and back and also for the air tight compartments. I have a quarter sheet of quarter inch ply left over.

Expense list for the build

Since I had some of the materials I did not actually pay this. I had some plywood and fiberglass left over after the build.

This includes the cost of the sailing rig about 75. All the materials are best quality and the whole boat is covered in fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin, I think I may not have needed to fiberglass the sides up to the top. This adds weight and expense. It also increases the strength and endurance though.

I think this tender could be built for about 500.

6 mm Meranti plywood1.5 sheet110
12 mm Meranti plywood.75 sheet110
6 oz fiberglass 60 inch6 yards51
Sandpaper and sanding diskscountless60
Paint brushes, rollers, foam brushes 25
Paint and primer, varnish3 qts paint .5qt primer130
Aluminium strips325
Mahogany8 board feet40
Silica cabosil 10
Wood flour 0
Front Ring110
Oarlocks2 sets30
Pintles and gudgeons1 set30
2x4 spruce 3
1 x 72 inch dowels215
Stainless Screws 3

Today I have worked 4 hours on the boat. This brings the total to 122 hours.

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