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DAY 15


Final Shaping of the Apple Pie pram

There are 12 corners to fix and smooth out. Lucky for me there is no wind to make me long for a sail. The weather page says 3 knots with calm predicted.

Apple pie pram detail

The outside edge of the gunwale gets tape. I still missed a drip when I varnished. More sanding!

varnishing the apple pie dinghy pram

Put a coat of varnish on the gunwales. It is warm and the finish is drying very quickly. Any uneven spot stays that way. The varnish is urethane based. I had it left over from the Skerry. I had bought it instead of spar varnish and was too snooty to use it on my "good" boat, so I used it here. It some stain and hopefully will even out the colours. There is fill, end of plywood and the mahogany of the gunwales. The can says I can re-coat without sanding and that's what I'll do.

varnishing the pram

Detail of the bow after 3 coats of varnish. To quote Cookie Monster, "Not bad but not terrific" I think that will sum up the finish on the whole boat.

The stain does even out the varnish nicely.

painting the apple pie dinghy pram

Rolling a coat of primer on the inside. The wood in the sun was burning hot to the hand and I figured I would prefer a cooler finish than a beautiful dark wood hot seat. A shame to cover wood though!

painting the apple pie dinghy pram

Using a foam roller really worked well for the primer. On the outside hull, I had used a good brush and it left streak marks. Not serious for primer but more work sanding out. This coat is very even and will cover a multitude of sins in the preparation I hope. Particularly after the inevitable sanding session.

Today I have worked about 7 hours on the boat. Hard to tell, it was very warm and I took a lot of breaks. This brings the total to 109 hours.

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