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Drogues and Sea Anchors Some of my Research

This is a compilations of interesting articles and reports on sea anchors and drogues. There is a great deal of controversial and contradictory info out there. Here are some of the more reliable sources I have found.

Good Links:

Roger Taylor in his Junk rigged Corribee called MingMing. Makes me dream to see these long voyages. At about 5:40 he deploys his series drogue and is rewarded with calmer conditions. It's a longish video but I like to watch this just for the sense of adventure I get vicariously. You tube video

Australian Coast guard deploying and recovering a series drogue. you tube video

Deploying a para anchor Fiorentino publicity video showing a paraanchor being set out.

Recovering a para anchor Fiorentino publicity video.

Sailrite also has a drogue kit video

I compiled a web page with many of the My web page on sea anchors and Drogues

If you ever need a drogue and you don't have one you can have some success slowing the boat with buckets on a line or any object towed.

I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine

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