toronto zombie walk banner for 2013

Part 1, 2013 Toronto Zombie Walk
& Halloween Parade

So many good photos, this is part 1 of my Toronto Zombie Walk page. Part 2 is here

Sadly, Zombie parade has been discontinued. Various efforts are underway to revive the parade and it's entirely possible there will be more in the future. Enjoy!

Once again we walked in the Toronto Zombie Walk. Thousands of Zombies marched in the Toronto Street and moaned for brains. It seems we are a major tourist attraction for Japanese Tourists!! Go Figure. We dressed as under-sea creatures, divers, and other water zombies.

Toronto Zombie Walk Getting ready to go 2 zombies in toronto walk 3 zombies in toronto walk

My family getting ready to head out to the Zombie and Halloween Parade at Nathan Phillip Square at Toronto City Hall. Much thought and work has gone into the costumes and make up. Here is my 2013 Costume

Pirates for Halloween walk toronto 2013 figure walking on hands Dark Scary figure

Cute pirate couple among lots of bloody zombies.

Halloween bloody red riding hood zombie fisherman bloody bishop blue costume zombie survival camp theme zombie couple Couple resting Couple resting

Lots of zombie couples out for a peaceful walk

Couple of zombies zombie couple couple deep sea diver costume Halloween mad hatter bloody brides zombie record

Zombie Deep Sea Diver stumbles on, Mad hatter, brides and ?? Record in chest, waiting in Toronto City Hall for zombie parade to start.

blue and red faces nun bishop and vampire scout master chained nun chained bride
link to more zombie picturesMore Images from the 2013 Toronto Zombie walk here

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