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What's in a Survey?

The insurance company requested one within the next 6 months so that's the original incentive, but I was also curious and a bit nervous after my various mishaps with the motor mount.

What IS a survey?

A survey is essentially like a house inspection but much more detailed. The surveyor checks all the systems and structure on and in your boat and reports to you its condition. My inspector also made detailed recommendations on what I needed to do to make my boat safer, what would make it go better, and routine maintenance that would help it stay in good shape.

Since I had bought a 30 year old boat I was not surprised that there was a to do list.

He was also able to recommend materials and identify finishes. He was very knowledgeable about boats and I essentially got a 6 plus hour private seminar on my boat. He took the time to check the sails and identify one spot that should be strengtened
The inspection was a very satisfactory experience and was well worth the fee.


Cockpit floor is wet and needs to be opened up and fixed
The Cockpit where I sit and stand while sailing, is a sandwitch of plywood between layers of fiberglass. The plywood had gotten wet and presumably started rotting. Its a relatively simple operation to cut around the floor, dig out the nasty wet rotted wood, put a nice fresh piece of marine ply, and fiberglass the repair. The floor feels sort of spongy and this is not a very good surface to safely hold the main sheet attachment.
Rudder is wet, and has been modified.
One of the previous owners had sanded off the little moulding flange around the edges, and smoothed out the profile making it weaker where the 2 parts join. Also the wood core is wet and probably rotting. My best choice is probably to replace it rather than reinforcing it or opening it and replacing the core. Since my rudder is the old fashioned "scimtar" style it will be a good upgrade anyway. I'm sure that a proper airfoil shape would improve handling.
Forward bulkhead has surface veneer damaged.
This shows that it has been wet at one time. Not a tragic thing but easy fix. The plywood bulkhead just behind the v berth can be removed by removing a few bolts. The old piece can be used as patterns for the new pieces.
Chainplates holding the side stays are bent.
This is a very common defect of Tanzers 22 and happens when the mast is lowered without unfastening the side stays. The plates get bent towards the back. Some owners then try to straighten the stainless steel plate thus weakening the metal due to metal fatigue. Mine is slightly bent and deemed not critical BUT since these fasten to the bulkhead which needs to be replaced anyway, it is a simple replace while the repair is being done. Since the shape is very simple it can be done by a person of limited metal tools. The surveyor suggested using a thicker plate than stock.
Various attachment should be rebedded.
Mooring Cleats, teak toe rails, handrails would be better if they were rebedded. The previous owner did this but the inspector felt it would be easy to check and redo to be satisfied its waterproof.
Cockpit locker lids and front hatch are delaminated.
Not critical but since all of these are holding together fixing the plywood core would be relatively simple as opposed to having the fiberglass actually splitting on the edges as we see in some forum postings.
Forstay is a bit unwound
This is probably not critical but not an expensive replace and would be better done. A fallen mast is a nasty accident to have.
Electrical system is outdated and probably not working.
I expect the boat would benefit from a rewire. It has sat for several years and the batteries are old. Since I don't intend to sail at night it is not critical to have lights but I would like to have an emergency bilge pump.
(don't sweat) THE Small Things
Lots of little things remain to be done. Hinges here, sink pipes looking a bit tired, anchor locker clamps, rubrail screws need replacing. Keel finish needs to be retouched. Enough to keep me happily occupied for years to come.
In other words I have a boat and a new project.


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