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I like to explore materials and techniques, I have chosen some of my jewelry to share with you. I like to work with silver but I often mix in other materials and stones.

To see a more detailed photo of the different pieces, click on the thumbnail.

beaded pendantThis is an experiment in making beaded jewelry.

silver and copper setA broach, earrings and bracelet in sterling silver with patinated copper riveted on top.

silver pendant with aquamarineA silver pendant with an aquamarine faceted stone, pearls in the chain, and lapis lazuli beads. It has a Moon/Water/Fish theme. This is quite a dramatic piece of jewelry.I've always liked it but I almost never wear it. Maybe I'm not as dramatic as the piece.

garnetThis is a collection of Jewelry with Garnets.

mokume pinThis is a Mokume pin. It was made by soldering six separate layers together. Copper, Silver and Brass were used. After soldering I cut the block in 2 and resoldered one piece on top of the other. I rolled the block to bring it back to thinner size. When I had about 60 layers, I punched the back to dent the front. I then ground the face to cut through the different layers. I polished it and patinated the surface.

plywood jewelryThis group is an experiment in using various plywoods. These are dyed, and there are real stones or silver bits riveted on the pins.

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